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Rihanna sings to the Frenchies in bright red, classy tattoos bared and all

12.14.2012by: Cherry Liquor
I have a number of tattoos and I understand their appeal. I like them for the reasons I personally have and most of the time I don't pass judgment on others who have them. If they want them, go ahead, get them. It's not like you don't have the money to get them removed later (ala Megan Fox and her disappearing Marilyn Monroe tat). The thing that gets me is why Rihanna can clearly pull off putting herself together like a lady to perform on the Parisian show La Chanson, but can't shake Chris Brown. Girl, you make the rest of us colorful ladies looking like we're cruising for a similar bruisin'. The left over remains of the generations before us who do not appreciate the tattooed society that we've grown into (All their fault, by the way, since they took free sex, great drugs and real music off the table, just for the record) think we're hooligans or hootchies. In reality, some of the kindest, most considerate and openly accepting people I know are completely covered in tattoos. They tolerate being pulled over by cops who are targeting them because of their ink, thinking they're up to no good. Yet it's the pop stars who are the worst offenders and get off because... well, shit. I think it just boils down to money. Why did that take me so long to figure out?

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2:56PM on 12/14/2012


I fucking hate short hair on chicks. WHY?
I fucking hate short hair on chicks. WHY?
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