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May. 10, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

I doubt that WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS is going to be able to out race SPEED RACER or put a dent or even a scratch in IRON MAN's heroically superior box office armor, but according to early test screenings, the rom-com does have one thing going for it: Actress Lake Bell

Early test screenings came back strong for the sidekick characters, Rob Corddry playing the man at Ashton's side and Lake Bell playing the woman at Cameron's. Bell, who just turned 29 back in March, has only been kicking around Hollywood for the last 8 years, starting with small roles in low budget flicks and working her way up to meatier tidings on major network shows such as "The Practice" and "Boston Legal." She also recently co-starring in the box office flop, OVER HER DEAD BODY.

But with audiences responding to her throwback classic elegance and wide range of emoting, who knows where she'll end up? Next stop is playing wife to Colin Ferrell in the New York cop drama PRIDE AND GLORY. It'll be interesting to see how deep this Lake gets. But one thing's for sure, the water sure looks fine.

Extra Tidbit: PRIDE AND GLORY was due to be released in March of 2008, but New Line pushed back the release to 2009 for unspecified reasons.
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