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Rita Ora shows us that there 'aint no school like the old school

Jul. 16, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

I'm glad I got introduced to Rita Ora. She's like a slightly classier version of Rihanna for some reason to me and whenever a photoshoot or red carpet sighting comes out on ol' Movie Hotties, I can't help but look over the pictures in slow amazement as drool collects in my lap. What can I say? I think she's really pretty. Today is no different, either. Here we can see her posing for the Roberto Cavalli 2014 campaign. They went an interesting route and made her seem it seem like a classy, jazzy 1950's kind of sex appeal with a Marilyn Monroe kind of short blonde hairdo (although it's a little more white in this case, I think) and the look is fitting her pretty damn perfectly. Yeah, there's a little too much Photoshop going on in these pictures and one of the last things this little lady needs is Photoshop, but I'm absolutely digging it. And hey, just because it's old school and classy doesn't mean we don't get to see a little skin from Rita. Check it out!

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Source: Got Celeb


Drool Back
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8:01PM on 07/16/2014
A LITTLE too much photoshop? lol
A LITTLE too much photoshop? lol
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