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Rosamund Pike hangs out in her underwear for Esquire

Jul. 3, 2013by: Droz

I've always found Rosamund Pike especially beautiful since she showed up on the scene as a Bond Girl in DIE ANOTHER DAY. These pics from this month's Esquire UK demonstrate what an especially cute little butt she has. Unfortunately for Rosamund, her Bond movie was a fairly shitty Bond movie, but she still looked amazing in it. Kind of sucks that shitty movies seem to be common amidst the films Rosamund makes that manage to get into theaters where I live. The few that come to mind are that abominable DOOM movie adaptation, the shitty sequel to the shitty remake of CLASH OF THE TITANS and that mind-numbing birdwatching movie THE BIG YEAR. I suppose SURROGATES was okay and I kind of liked JACK REACHER, but I've yet to see anything from her that I deem particularly interesting. Seems like a waste to put such a lovely woman in so many wastes of time. It's not like she's a terrible actress. Maybe she needs to get better representation. Or maybe movies just suck now. Yeah, probably that last one.

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Source: Esquire UK


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6:01AM on 07/04/2013
Ms. Pike is super cute and hot in Pride and Prejudice.
Ms. Pike is super cute and hot in Pride and Prejudice.
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