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Rosanna Arkle tackles the inner pages of FHM Turkey's September issue

Sep. 4, 2013by: Cherry Liquor

I can find very little to complain about when it comes to this photo spread that was done of Rosanna Arkle for the September issue of Turkey's FHM magazine. I also can find very little on the model herself, other than the fact that she's apparently on something called "The GC," which seems to be a reality television show centered in Australia, even though from what I've discerned, Arkle herself is a Kiwi. Who the hell cares though. She's a hot looking chick wearing pretty much nothing in a magazine devoted to displaying hot models who are willing to pose in pretty much nothing.

This is the safest spank fodder for middle school boys that I can imagine since there's no more Sears catalog like their dads used to make due with. That's a funny thing, thinking about that last sentence since I was taught that the old English idiom was to use "due" as in, you made due because you delivered, like a package being due. I had someone recently question my used of "That's my piece" in another article, which is when you speak the piece of your mind, but that if you "hold your peace" that means you bite your tongue to avoid confrontations. Hey! Tits AND an English lesson! Bonanza!

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Source: Wrestling Forum


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