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Roxanne Pallet takes a hot dip in a bikini

Feb. 13, 2013by: Droz

We've been heavy on the Sports Illustrated hotties these last few days and rightfully so. I'm sure there will be more to come in days ahead, but for now let's move over to another hottie who seems to spend much of her time in bikinis. I've done a few posts about Roxanne Pallet before, but if you don't know her yet, all you really need to know is that she's another one of those mid-level English celebs not many over in these parts know about. Not that I really care about her career. Taking a look at these pics, it's pretty clear what I'm on about as far as Roxanne goes. I love the shape of her. There's something about those so called child-bearing hips that look mighty good to me. Of course, how they move is even better than how they look. She's got one of those belly dancer bodies, with the really wide hips and the small, flat waist. There are few things more erotic than a body like that twisting and undulating the way such bodies do. Now if she'd only not gone and messed it all up with a bunch of dumb tattoos, she'd be just about perfect.

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Source: Superior Pics


Drool Back
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7:25PM on 02/13/2013
She looks like a fun ride.
She looks like a fun ride.
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