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Roxanne Pallett really likes bikinis and pools

Sep. 13, 2012by: Droz

The adorable, English hottie Roxanne Pallett has taken a few more snaps of her in a tiny bikini by the pool again. I don't know why that seems to be the theme of so many photos she takes, but I'm more than happy to check her out in that capacity whenever she feels like it. Lying about next to or immersed in a pool seems to be how she does things. At least when a camera is nearby. We really don't know much about Roxanne here in the States, but she's pretty well known from UK TV. I just like the look of her. She's got a perfect body for my tastes. Cute little tummy and those kind of hips they claim are good for birthing them babies, if that's you're into. I just like the way they improve any woman's wiggle when she walks. Plus, she's got a sweet face, with cute little lips and a nice smile. She's just my speed, I guess.

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