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Russell Simmons is living the hip hop mogul dream with his hottie model girlfriend

Dec. 10, 2012by: Droz

Here's all the proof you need that the only thing a guy really needs to get himself a fine piece of ass is a shit load of cash. Thus the impressive track record of hip hop kingpin Russell Simmons, seen here on a beach with his new model girlfriend Hana Nistsche and her fine, plump ass. Now I'm sure Russell is a charming guy. After 55 years, dude has probably developed himself a nice game to run with the ladies he's courted. Still, the fact that he's got cash spilling from his ass thanks to having a hand in virtually every kind of media enterprise there is, probably isn't hurting him. I mean, how many hot models are falling over themselves to hang out with overweight, rich old guys on beaches? Okay well most models are doing that, but only for those fat old guys who have truly earned their bellies. The rest of us who just sort of fell into belly possession have to make due with far more modest accompaniment. Then again, dinner and a movie can seal the deal for us. I'm sure Russell's nookie outlays are far more expansive.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna


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