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Sadly, Eva Longoria wore some underwear in her Maxim shoot

Jan. 9, 2014by: Droz

Being a guy and thus not much inclined toward Eva Longoria's main body of work as an actress, I am forced to limit my association with her to that sexy, curvy body she's rocking. I know,it's an unfortunate handicap on my part. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't lament my complete and utter avoidance of her suburban bitch housewives show. And I haven't caught her new show Mother Up! yet, as I don't start watching shows until at least the 3rd season. It seems I just have to find a away to be contented with stuff like this Maxim spread she's got in their latest edition. Such a hardship, her impressive ass. If by hardship one means that it makes you hard. Ironically, her spank mag spread was the one time she apparently decided to throw on some underwear. I hear that's a rarity for Eva, who is very much the commando type. Alright, so Eva didn't want to be totally nude? Was a thong too much to ask for? Maybe even just something a little smaller? Those are like period panties, right? Okay, you got the top off, which is good. No reason to skimp on the bottom half though. You gotta follow through, Eva. Or else, what's it all been about?

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Source: Maxim


Drool Back
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9:58AM on 01/10/2014
I think she's getting hotter with age
I think she's getting hotter with age
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