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Jan. 28, 2008by: Seth Gecko

Happy Monday everybody and welcome to our exclusive coverage of the "14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards" which took place last night and was the first sign of life in the Hollywood community since the WGA strike which began a few months ago. We're finally able to bring you all the latest hottie photos, news and videos so you can enjoy every bit of what the ceremony had to offer. We will be covering the event all day today and splitting it up into different parts so stay tuned as we bring you more over the course of the day.

In our first post, we'd like to bring you part one of our red carpet coverage because there were so many TV and film actresses that attended last night. We've received so many photos that we're going to have to split it up and that definitely makes us happy campers. Out of all the gorgeous ladies who came, a few stood out including the goddess we all know Angelina Jolie (who is looking quite pregnant with that dress on) and many others including Kate Beckinsale, Ellen Page, etc. It was definitely an event to remember so check out the first half of the red carpet photos and keep a watch out for our further updates later on today.

The hottie photos are in the following order below: Angelina Jolie, Kate Beckinsale, Eva Longoria, Rebecca Romijn and Cate Blanchett.

Red Carpet Photos - Part #1

Click on each photo to enlarge!


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