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Salma Hayek looks blazing in Bellazon

Aug. 15, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

This is one of those moments that brings me back to why I'm doing this, because when I was just a reader of the site, I would never pass on a story about Salma Hayek. She fits the category of "movie hottie" so perfectly, those words should be used to describe her every time she enters a room. She's had a long history of being active in film, even taking the director's chair at times. I can't imagine being an attentive actor with Salma telling me what to do. While she has been working her exemplary ass off this year promoting the at least watchable SAVAGES and AMERICANO, Salma's been simultaneously finishing work on the sure-to-be awful GROWN UPS 2 and HERE COMES THE BOOM. Two Happy Madison productions can lead to career suicide for someone who's dangling on the ledge, but it doesn't seem like that's the case for Salma. She's too established and memorable to be kicked outta Hollywood movies by now, and even if some of her movies are sh*t, she's wanted by the people. That's why Salma defines "movie hottie" so well. In this intimate set of pics from Bellazon, she's just being classy, and as she does with everything else, she makes "classy" sexy again.

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Source: LazyGirls
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