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Salma Hayek is the hottest tourist ever

2 years agoby: Droz
Salma Hayek was in Venice last week, seeing the sights and looking bangable, as usual. Interesting shift in emphasis this time around with Salma's bangability. Normally she's rocking the low-cut hotness to show off those massive mounds of hers, reaffirming the love we feel for her with each boobtastic outfit she shows up with. I suppose doing the tourist bit lets Salma relax and just wear normal street clothes. Still, Salma's got to be Salma. She's gonna show off something, somehow. Thus these super tight jeans within which she's stuffed her plump, Latina MILF booty. Not sure what the deal is with the Nazi boots. Those don't look very comfortable for long walks around Venetian tourist attractions, though they do somehow enhance the hotness of her ass in those tight jeans. Or it could be that it's just Salma's indelible hotness taking the unpleasantness out of Nazi boots and transforming them into yet another tool of the sexual stranglehold she has on all of us. Whatever it is, the more I look at it, the better it works.

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Drool Back
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3:43AM on 06/04/2013
That is one amazing ass, Salma only gets hotter with age.
That is one amazing ass, Salma only gets hotter with age.
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