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Salma Hayek makes Bambi the envy of the town

Nov. 26, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

Never thought I'd see the day I become legitimately jealous of Bambi, a character who's best friends with a skunk, and whose mom's head is hung up in some redneck's cabin. I guess all it takes is a big smooch from the luscious Salma Hayek to make all those memories go away. It even has me turning into Thumper as I write this. Salma took home one of Germany's prestigious Bambi Awards over the weekend, being recognized as the first Latino actress to make it onto Hollywood's A-list. When I first heard this, I wanted to dispute it, because surely there have been other Latino actresses that have made it as far as Salma before her. But after thinking it over, Salma really does rock that category, so congrats to her! And to think, her streak of fame started with her role as "that hot chick in FROM DUSK TILL DAWN". I guess you really can change the world by looking hot in a bikini whilst carrying a snake. Keep that in mind, aspiring actresses.

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