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Sarah Hyland is looking absolutely angelic

Feb. 21, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

Speaking of MODERN FAMILYhere's little Sarah Hyland at a photocall for the show over in Sydney, Austrailia. What is the cast and crew doing over there? I have no idea.. I've still yet to hop on the MODERN FAMILY bandwagon yet, but maybe it has something to do with Sofia Vergara AND Sarahbeing kidnapped by a fire-breathing dragon (they have dragons in Australia, right? I think I might've read that in a National Geographic) and it's up to me to save the day. This particular episode is also Rated TV-MA and there's a big "S" associated with it, whatever that means. I'm pretty excited about it, myself. Anyway, to promote this guy, Sarah's getting shots taken of her and she's looking lovely as ever. I've admitted to her kind of having that baby face, but considering we're so close in age, I'm going to overlook that for the moment. She's a beautiful girl and I'm a sucker for those gigantic eyes of hers. If she was a midget red-headed man who only yodeled and still had those eyes, I'd probably fall for him, too. It's just something about them. Anyway, enjoy the pictures and Qantas MAY love MODERN FAMILY, but I love me some Sarah Hyland. Enjoy.

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Source: Celebslam

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7:15AM on 02/24/2014


I love this girl. Absolutely beautiful.
I love this girl. Absolutely beautiful.
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