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Sarah Silverman looks Vanellope sexy at Aussie premiere of Wreck-It Ralph

2 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
Normally you wouldn't be able to count me as a fan of Sarah Silverman. While I know that there are plenty of male stand-ups that I admire who hold her in high regard, after snickering once or twice at her un-PC jokes when she first was all trendy, her schtick got old on me, fast. Even as an alterna-hottie, I couldn't be on board. She's mildly attractive to me and is built like a straight line, so I just couldn't justify trying to think of her as a "hot" comedienne either. But as the voice of Vanellope in WRECK-IT RALPH, I liked her lots and lots and lots. Granted, it was hard to tell that it was her doing the cute little glitch's voice (perhaps altered with electronics to make it sound more child-like) but I will cop to the fact that I misted up when she has an emotional moment in the movie with Ralph. Plus, she's trying to strike the sexy poses here and against the odds I stack against her, I think she's looking pretty swell down under.

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10:14AM on 12/03/2012
I'd hit that . repeatedly .
I'd hit that . repeatedly .
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