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Scarlett Johannson shows off her Dolces and Gabbanas

Sep. 26, 2011by: Droz

So yeah, Scarlett Johannson wore some fancy dress or whatever at D&G's big spring/summer event thing. More important is that we no longer have to settle for what we come up with in our imaginations when we want to know what Scarlett looks like under her D&G dress. How cool is that? For years we've been salivating over select scenes in the handful of movies where Scarlett has skirted the edge of nudity, desperate for just a hint of ass crack or a peek at uncovered bewbage. Now that we've finally gotten the goods, I feel a new closeness to Scarlett and a much deeper appreciation for her, now that I know how awesome her ass really is. Sure, she's pretty pissed about how that ass reveal happened - enough to get the feds on the case - but I don't see why. If everyone feels like I do, then it's done nothing but increase the love for her. Can't be bad.

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Drool Back
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11:45AM on 09/27/2011
I Love Scarlett's Dolces AND Gabbanas .
I Love Scarlett's Dolces AND Gabbanas .
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7:41AM on 09/27/2011

Not Very Pretty

-- End of Line--
-- End of Line--
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