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Scarlett Johansson goes from Black Widow to White Wonder

3 years agoby: Salacious Crumb

It's been a while since we've gotten up-close and personal with Scarlett Johansson. After THE AVENGERS became a (Hulk) smash hit and ripped box-office records a new one, as expected, ScarJo disappeared into Europe for so long, Liam Neeson is still missing. (Think about that one). Since then, she randomly made an appearance at the Democratic National Convention, and now she's back in Paris for Tod's Signature Collection event (as if anyone cares). All I have to say is what gives? I can understand that there's less paparazzi to fight off with a stick overseas, but millions of fans have been lusting after you all summer, the least you could do is tease us a little. Don't get me wrong, she looks gorgeous as always. I just find it unfair that her casual vacation attire is so damn sexy, but when it comes to an event like this, she dresses like the distant Aunt at a Mormon wedding. That being said, I would definitely crash that wedding and have a good time in the broom closet if I had the chance. She's insanely pretty. Let's just hope she doesn't hide her all-star cleavage away forever.

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