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Scream Hotties '08

Oct. 20, 2008by: Seth Gecko

It's almost that time again and with the supremely boring Oscars which took place earlier this year, I think we're all excited to see an awards show that honors those who truly deserve it and makes sure that some of the best movies of the past year do not go unrecognized. Spike TV's Scream Awards 2008 is on the horizon ladies and gents and I honestly can't wait to see it. In case you're not aware, the show is an award ceremony for the Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy genres and many amazing categories were created such as "Hottest Superhero" and "Ultimate Scream".

As you can imagine, the show (which airs on Tuesday night) was absolutely filled with gorgeous hotties who came looking their best. Backless dresses, short skirts and sexy smiles were aplenty during the weekend when the ceremony itself took place. I've heard that Anthony Hopkins and Tim Burton were presented lifetime achievement awards for their work which is magnificent if you ask me. So be sure to check out the photos of all the amazing ladies who attended below and check out the show itself when it airs on Spike TV on Tuesday night.

The hottie photos below are in the following order: Carla Gugino, Kristen Bell, Milla Jovovich, Julie Benz, Jamie King, Liv Tyler, Kate Beckinsale, Winona Ryder, Rosario Dawson and Malin Ackerman.

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9:39AM on 10/24/2008
Liv Tyler is still looking gorgeous.

Rosario Dawson is beautiful.
Liv Tyler is still looking gorgeous.

Rosario Dawson is beautiful.
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