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Sean Young In Rehab?

Jan. 30, 2008by: Seth Gecko

Now this is a piece of news that I never expected to see in my lifetime or would ever conceive of. Some of you may know the name Sean Young and some of you may not as she hasn't exactly had the "biggest" career in movies like Julia Roberts, Sally Field or many others. However, Sean has made her mark in cinema history as such characters like the mysterious Rachael in "Blade Runner" or as a beautiful Fremen girl named Chani in "Dune" which is her best role in my opinion. She's recently smashed her way into many TV shows and is still working in movies as well.

However, it's been a dark time for Sean as she is now officially entering rehab for her recent issues with alcohol abuse. Apparently there was an incident the other day at the DGA awards where she heckled "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" director, Julian Schnabel from the audience. Sean has since admitted herself as she has had this problem for many years now. She still does have a huge workload ahead of her so that will hopefully not be affected. We at want to wish Sean Young all the best in the future and we hope that she succeeds in curing her abuse issues so she can maintain a healthy life and career. Go get em' Sean!

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