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Seeing Kristen Bell & Martin Starr at Sundance makes me miss Freaks & Veronica even more

Jan. 23, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
By now, I'm sure you've all lamented Kristen Bell and her knocked uppedness (I figured out that Evan Rachel Wood is pregnant as well... seems there are a lot of oven-baking buns in Sundance right now between Bell, Wood and Malin Akerman from the preggo roll call I've done thus far). Thing is, I can't look at Martin Starr without thinking back to the time that he was Bill on "Freaks & Geeks," quite possibly one of the best, most real, most raw characters ever written for television. I can't think about Bell and not fantasize about that "Veronica Mars" movie they've been talking about making for the last forever years. Bell & Starr were promoting their movie THE LIFEGUARD, a drama which according to its synopsis, features Kristen quitting her high-paying, high-profile job to go back to the last place she felt happy - Connecticut. (Excuse me while I stifle a guffaw due to what I've been told about the state from my CT dwelling friends.) While both of these actors are high on my "I gotta see them in anything they do!" list, I might hold off for a home watching and stick to running to the theaters for THIS IS THE END. Even if it means having to tolerate Jonah Hill's existence.

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