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Selena Gomez brings her own brand of sexy tongue action for the kids

Dec. 16, 2013by: Droz

Selena Gomez was making a bunch of Chicago kids' Christmas a little merrier by running around on a stage in sheer clothing, making with the sexy tongue action. Perhaps not the most traditional of Christmas kids shows, but not quite as bad as your average Miley Cyrus event in that there were no little people being molested or freakishly small asses doing their best to twerk in vain. Selena is handling the sex-charged stage show in a way I think we can all appreciate. It's obvious and overt enough, but not over-the-top. She's not trying as hard as Miley is. I think by this point Selena knows she's bringing plenty of sexy to the table. She doesn't need to turn it into a spectacle. She need only throw on some sexy stage gear, grab her suggestive mike and toss out a few provocative gestures like that one in the last picture, which is a particularly good one - especially when it's Selena doing it. My doctor did something quite similar the other day during my exam. His performance wasn't nearly as entertaining.

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Drool Back
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7:17PM on 12/16/2013
She's so fit.
She's so fit.
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