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Selena Gomez is a red convert at the Hotel Transylvania press event

Jun. 26, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
I went to see BRAVE over the weekend and it was worth the wait to see Pixar deliver us a female heroine, especially since the story wasn't just about Merida's bravery but the maternal source from which it was derived. Of course there were new trailers for the Adam Sandler animated flick, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, in case we all hadn't suffered enough from Sandler getting paired with Samberg in THAT'S MY BOY. Since the movie isn't going to get sold on those two dudes' mugs, Selena Gomez was trotted out to the movie's press event held in Culver City, California yesterday. I suppose it could be worse than having Samberg voice the human that Selena's vampire girl falls for. The producers could've picked her real life boy(?)friend, Justin Bieber. That shade of auburn is looking good on Selena, I must say.

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Source: Daily Mail
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