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Sexy Katy Perry pre-divorce outtakes from Peggy Sirota? Happy New Year to all!

Dec. 31, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
Katy Perry looked all kinds of healthy, happy and raven-haired goddessness whens she posed for Cosmopolitan magazine back before she announced her separation and divorce from comedian Russell Brand. There wasn't a soul, hell there probably wasn't even a SOLE alive who could complain about how tight and sexy she looked then, before the weird pink and blue and green and purple and whatever hair color shit she started doing in order to get over the pain of a failed relationship. You want to know if a woman is going through shit because of a bad break-up? Check to see how many times she cuts/colors/styles her hair over the span of 3 months. If it's more than once, it's a control issue that she can deal with, unlike the human emotions that bleed over into melodramatic Twitter and Facebook updates and eCard picture sharing of how men, women, life, liars and all that junk suck. It's in the hair, boys. Hit one of those hotties up during that time if you want cheap, non-emotional sex. You'll get it good. Just don't go caring about her, because the second you've built up her feelings of desirability, she's going to move on to her next new love and he's going to be a douchebag that the other one.

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