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Sexy TwitPics: Ashley Tisdale

04.09.2013by: Salacious Crumb

Has everybody pre-ordered their tickets to experience the surefire hilarity that will ensue in SCARY MOVIE 5 this friday?? What's that? You'd rather be stabbed in the face repeatedly with a syringe? Fair enough. There's no doubt the latest in the SCARY MOVIE franchise will garner up enough money to keep this shitball a rollin', especially now that they've decided to add some EVIL DEAD stuff in there at the last minute. Remember when the poster for SCARY MOVIE 4 came out with King Kong taking up a significant amount of space, and then they didn't even reference King Kong in the movie? I'm just saying, Hollywood's done a lousy job at gaining our trust when it comes to these "spoof" flicks. If there's one key ingredient that just might cause some people to give the benefit of the doubt, it's the star of SCARY MOVIE 5, Ashley Tisdale.

Some of you are probably wondering "what's so special about Ashley Tisdale?", while others are thinking "OMFG, Ashley Tisdale!!". Trust me, there's an immense dynamic of people out there who became major HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL geeks after they graduated high school. Whether they're confused Disneyland castmembers, or just clinically insane, many just couldn't stick to the status quo. I'm not gonna lie, I've watched episodes of "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" just to gawk at Ashley and her many short skirts (keep in mind, she's a year older than me, so it's not weird. It's not.). But just like every other nice-looking girl to come out of the Disneyverse, Ashley has become a little less TV-Y7 over the past few years. Going through her Twitter page, I learned that 'Sharpay Evans' has become more prone to cursing, spreading pictures of her bikini-clad ass around the net, and some other activities that, frankly, are difficult to describe...

While the good news is we do get plenty of Tisdale in a bikini, we also get a fair amount of the unanimously hated "duck face", a maneuver she probably borrowed from her HSM co-star, Vanessa Hudgens. If you care to dig deeper into the world of Ashley Tisdale, you can start HERE. There's no telling how much critical or financial success SCARY MOVIE 5 will obtain by the end of next weekend. It may look like the worst spoof movie since MEET THE SPARTANS, but with lots of luck, it could be the best one since, well, SCARY MOVIE 4. You're probably better off just looking through these TwitPics and seeing EVIL DEAD again instead.


Extra Tidbit: The end.



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3:30PM on 04/09/2013
Well this was just delightful.
Well this was just delightful.
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2:05PM on 04/09/2013
say what you will ... Miss Tisdale is a looker .
say what you will ... Miss Tisdale is a looker .
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