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Sexy TwitPics: Kat Graham

04.29.2014by: Salacious Crumb

The fifth season of the teen-sex-monster-drama "The Vampire Diaries" is coming to a close soon, and I couldn't care less. Please don't take offense if you've watched each episode 5 times, I haven't watched one minute of that program. It just strikes me as another network studio's "get rich quick" schemes, using the reliable combination of teens, sex and vampires. But just because I don't have any interest in the show itself, doesn't mean I can't express interest in some of the cast, namely, the wicked sexy Kat Graham.

As I've already established, I'll avoid watching "The Vampire Diaries" at all costs, so I couldn't provide much insight as to Graham's character on the show. From what I gather, she actually plays a witch, and that's too bad, because I imagine Kat would be great at sucking the life out of me. She's already practically doing so with those eyes. Frankly, I know virtually nothing about Graham as an actress or as a person. I just know she's a very pretty gal who spends a lot of time showing it off on Twitter and Instagram. Add that to the fact that she stars on a successful network television series, and that's all I need in order to dump a whole punch of her personal images on our site for your oglings.

As little as I know about the woman in question, she's obviously very attractive, and I dig her style. She seems to actively change up her appearance, whether it be her hair, clothing, make-up, etc., and the scenery constantly changes because she's always on the go. Acting aside, Kat is also a fairly popular singer, so she has quite the reputation to live up to as far as connecting with her fans. Thankfully, she tries not to let them down.

I'd sink my fangs into that.

Overall, if you like what you see here, Graham has plenty more photos like these rolling out on a  consistent basis, so you can't go wrong by further checking her out on Twitter here, or on Instagram here.

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7:52AM on 04/29/2014
I find her sexier then Nina.
I find her sexier then Nina.
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