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Sexy TwitPics: Nina Dobrev

10.09.2012by: Salacious Crumb

So, the fourth season of "The Vampire Diaries" premieres later this week, and I'm willing to bet there's a fair share of our readers who will be tuning in. If I get a chance with the TV set on thursday, it's likely I'll be tuning in to the premiere of "It's Always Sunny..." instead. Nothing personal against "Diaries", but vampire soap operas have never quite sparked my interest. Attractive females who happen to star in them, however, do. Nina Dobrev is yet another great example of this, as I disregard her acting chops and use my energy to focus solely on the fact that she's a doll. I did check out some new clips and interviews with Nina, and while I still have no interest in watching, I now have more interest in stalking Nina than ever. As a temporary substitute for that kind of venture, I've gathered up some of her best uploads to her personal Twitter account. They really stabilize my belief that Nina would make the perfect girl-next-door crush. Is she sexy? Check. Is she a nerd? Check. Does she have cute friends? Check. Does she wear slutty Halloween costumes? Check. Could she consume your existence with the gaze of her soul-encumbeirng eyes and mush your brain into that of a jellyfish? Possibly. The 23-year-old looks pretty young for her age, but I may just be tricked by the fact that she's dressed as Hermione AND had her picture taken with Mickey Mouse. She's also stocked half of her TwitPic gallery with "humorous" images, random quotes, silly book covers, freeway signs, and for every 10 of each of those, Nina will post a picture of herself. She has a big career ahead oh her, in all likelihood. She's won 4 Teen Choice Awards, 2 Young Hollywood Awards and a People's Choice Award for her work on "Vampire Diaries", and with that kind of exposure, those teenyboppers will be latching on to her leg for some time. Speaking of things I'd like to latch on to...

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Nina had a small part in REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, as a teenage Zydrate addict.



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6:23AM on 10/10/2012
As pretty as humanly possible.
As pretty as humanly possible.
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