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Shailene Woodley makes a DIFF appearance

Dec. 13, 2011by: Cherry Liquor
I finally checked out THE DESCENDENTS over the weekend and I won't say that it disappointed. Payne always manages to bring to the screen some of the most complex and interesting characters in film, ones that aren't cartoon cutouts, even when they're delving into some cartoonish antics. I'll forever see ELECTION as his masterpiece but I will give credit where it is due and claim that I believe Shailene Woodley, the 20-year old who plays George Clooney's surprisingly mature trouble-making teen daughter, is quite possibly the next Reese Witherspoon. Well, back before the Witherspoon backlash started. Woodley has been kicking around in Hollywood for some time, starting as a child actress on shows like "Crossing Jordan" and "The O.C." and I guess is pretty well received on her current show, "The Secret Life of an American Teenager." But it was hearing her talk to Chelsea Handler on "Chelsea Lately" that sold me on her as more than just another pretty face in the business. She mocked herself freely and with great wit and disclosed that she was working at a retail store when she got the call to audition for George. Even though she'd been somewhat established as a young actor, she was WORKING IN RETAIL between jobs. That's some respect shit right there alone.

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Extra Tidbit: These images were taken of Woodley at the Dubai International Film Festival. As was semi-pointed out to me in a previous post, my geographically retarded edumacation mentioned that Dubai was in India. I was raised by the American school system, people. If it doesn't have an NFL team attached to its city, I have no clue on the map where it's at!
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1:28PM on 12/13/2011


Saw the movie and it sucked but the daughter was hot
Saw the movie and it sucked but the daughter was hot
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9:14AM on 12/13/2011
Really cute.
Really cute.
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