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Shania Twain has still got it in all the right places

Dec. 3, 2012by: Droz

I can't stand country music. Shit has always gotten on my last nerve with all that twangy, fake cowboy nonsense. They do got some hotties singing that shit though - hotties like Shania Twain, who just made her comeback with a sold out Vegas show last night after 8 years off the scene. And what a comeback it was for Shania. I might have despised her music all through the 90s when she was big, but the woman was sexy as hell anyway. Even now at 47, girl still rocks an awesome body in her sheer, faux see through body suit thing. I don't know about you, but I'd still be all over that. I'd probably have to wear some earplugs, just in case she decided to belt out any of her shitty songs mid coitus, but I wouldn't hesitate at all. She's the definition of MILF.

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Drool Back
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11:19AM on 12/05/2012
Do I see what I think I see in that squat pose?
Do I see what I think I see in that squat pose?
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