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Shapely Roxanne Pallett catches up on her bikini reading by the pool

Jul. 19, 2012by: Droz

Roxanne Pallett is an English soap actress that's probably pretty well known over there. Most of us over here on the other side of the world know very little of her, apart from what one can glean from the intertubes, such as the following wallpaper image:

I once had that damn thing on my desktop for months, becoming very well acquainted with every curve on her body in that time. That was like a decade ago or something, during which time Roxanne has grown a few more curves. She's still hot as hell though. She's got one of those awesome, classic frames with the authentic hourglass hips and generous thighs. Why did everyone turn their back on this look? Who wouldn't be proud as hell to strut around with that body, or better yet, put their hands all over that body? This was your naked hotties with peace symbols on their tits in the 60s, your 50s pin up girls, your 40s bomber nose art dames, on and on. Only for the last 30 years has this become somehow synonymous with being somehow imperfect. What a bullshit time we're living in.

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