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Short dress, high socks makes Vanessa Hudgens the object of my affection

Feb. 12, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

Vanessa Hudgens is f*cking beautiful. Ever since I was a kid and saw her pretty little self on HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, I developed a giant crush on her that never really went away. Over the years, after that whole nude scandal and looking trashily sexy in SPRING BREAKERS, my love for her has reached stupid levels. Just seeing her walking around dressed all cute makes me have a little heart attack (maybe it's just a murmur…) and this is no exception. Boots. High socks. Short dress. Dear God. The nails kind of scare me and I wish she wasn't looking so bothered by the paparazzi (who I'm sure are annoying as all f*ck), but when that happens, I almost feel bad enjoying the pictures because really, how can you legitimately enjoy a picture of a hottie if you can clearly see they're uncomfortable. I dunno. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, I'll push aside the emotions that make me a somewhat decent person so I can enjoy these a little bit more. Don't judge me. I'm sorry, Vanessa. 

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6:29PM on 02/12/2014
very Sexy
very Sexy
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