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Shriya Saran is a Bollywood babe you'll want to wrap tightly around you

Aug. 10, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
Maxim India is hellbent on turning the demure actresses from the Bollywood scene into the lingerie-clad, drool-inducing babes that they are, even if the culture doesn't like it. Actually, I don't really know if the culture doesn't like it, I'm guessing based mainly on the information that I have derived from watching programming like "The Big Bang Theory," in which the prominent lawyer sister of Raj is afraid of her parents knowing she's boning a white dude. But let me ask you a question other than whether your loins expand while looking at Shriya Saran, here. I want you all to be very, very honest and very, very unafraid of whether or not you're going to be perceived as racist or whatnot. That question is this: Do you ever refer to Indians as "Dot Indians" when talking about those from the country of India as opposed to the Native Americans who prefer to be called Indians but have to deal with the white man's pressure in order to keep their casinos running smoothly?

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Source: Sify

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