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Sofia Vergara flashes her sides in sexy dress

Jun. 21, 2013by: ResidentRiddle64

While so much of me wishes that I could date/marry/touch/stalk gorgeous celebrities such as Sofia Vergara, I'd probably be the worst boyfriend in the world. If ever I was to come into contact with a girl wearing a dress like that, all I'd do is tickle the exposed skin on the side of her dress. I mean, look at that thing. It's like a target waiting for me to attack. It's just asking for it. I know tickling is probably very annoying (it doesn't happen to me too often; people find disinterest in touching me most of the time), but if, for whatever reason, Sofia and I started to get in a fight and she was wearing that dress, I'd pull out the secret weapon of mid-fight-tickling. She'd laugh for a few seconds and the whole fight would be over before she finally slapped me and told me to get the hell out of her life in that sexy accent of hers. Sigh. I need to get better at this whole "fantasy" thing.

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Extra Tidbit: These pictures were taken at the Discover Many Hopes Gala in N.Y.C.
Source: Egotastic


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11:37AM on 06/21/2013
Missed out an "a" and a "r" in her name in the headline. Love those cutouts on her dress though.
Missed out an "a" and a "r" in her name in the headline. Love those cutouts on her dress though.
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