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Sofia Vergara attempts to cover up in trench coats, but fails wonderfully

Apr. 17, 2013by: Droz

Silly, Sofia Vergara" with her trench coat nonsense. You knew she couldn't keep that cover closed for long. Eventually, that hot body gotta come out. Sofia was over at the ABC studios today, doing something or other, pretending to be all modest and shit. Modesty just isn't her thing. Sure, it might have been chilly out, but Sofia would seize an opportunity to show off her bod in the dead of winter in the Arctic Circle. Girl can't keep herself to herself. And that's why we love her so much.

Hey, how about that sister/cousin of hers? Bet most of you didn't know there was something that hot walking the Earth. Sandra Vergara presents a considerable challenge to Sofia's long time reign in the Vergara family hotness scales. Someone should find a way to compare the two of them, find out which one the masses find the superior Vergara. I'm pretty sure we have something around here that would do that. I think there's a guy I know who does that sort of thing every Monday. Might have to see about putting these two in competition. Stay tuned for that.

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