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Sofia Vergara gets sexy for Kmart. What?

3 years agoby: Salacious Crumb

Remember being a youngster back in the day, before the internet, when the closest thing to a Playboy you find were Kmart and Sears catalogues in the mail? On a lucky day, there'd be a semi-attractive woman modeling their low-cut tees. So where the f*ck was Sofia Vergara then?! Sofia is helping out Kmart by presenting her cleavage in this unforeseen set of promotional photos. You could take a guess as to why they chose Sofia as the face of their product; she's beautiful, she represents a "Modern Family", and whatever sheep cloth you throw on her body will make it look a thousand times better. The bigger question is why would Sofia say yes? She's on top of the world right now, and I just don't see what provoked her to do modeling for such a place (aside from a hefty paycheck), when she knows we'd much rather see her modeling tiny bikinis. This is like Kate Upton doing a McDonald's commercial, when we would all much rather see her advertising Carl's Jr., dripping special sauce all over her tits. In whatever case, at least Sofia didn't hold back on sexing it up a bit for the shoot.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna


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11:36PM on 10/31/2012
Sofia Vergara can't help but bring the sexy.
Sofia Vergara can't help but bring the sexy.
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