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Sofia Vergara has always been a healthy woman

1 year agoby: Droz

Someone dug up some old modelling pics of Sofia Vergara that you can see below, which apparently are from when she was still a struggling model down in Colombia way in the early 90s. Look at those legs, damn. I can't believe it took her so long to become an international phenomenon. You'd think something that spectacular would have circled the globe instantly. Oh well, at least she did finally make it. Those old pics make a nice contrast with her 2014 Women's Health spread, both bookending Sofia's quarter century of hottie experience. Barring the standard Photoshop retouches, I'd say the 42-year-old Modern Family star has nonetheless weathered the years in fine form. She has those resilient Latina genes, so no surprise that she's still hot today. It does look like she afforded herself a bit more in the hips area back then. She's a bit slimmer nowadays, at least on her lower half. Those early pics were pre-boob job.

These pics do pose and interesting question, namely which version of Sofia would you have? I think I'm a little more in the younger version's column. Love those hips. Where are you at there?

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Source: Women's Health


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