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Sofia Vergara is a little too covered up, but she's still in a bikini

Dec. 27, 2013by: ResidentRiddle64

It's an interesting thing being a celebrity, is it not? On one hand, you get to experience the life of the rich and famous, all included with massive homes, anything you want and private little spots on the beach. On the other hand, you have weirdos taking numerous pics of you hanging out on said beach and even creepier weirdos writing about the pictures taken of you hanging out on the beach. It's rough and that's why I feel a little guilty, but at the same time, it's f*cking Sofia Vergara. Whenever attractive women are involved, my strength is lowered a bit and I give into the temptation. Forgive me, Sofia. Here we can see her in Puerto Vallarta and even though she's a little too covered up in most of these for my taste, we can still get a taste of what we're missing. 

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4:25PM on 12/27/2013

She's beautiful, but my thumbs down is for the pics.

Sadly her beautiful ass is covered. :'-(
Sadly her beautiful ass is covered. :'-(
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