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Sofia Vergara is a spunky roller girl I think we should name Gloria Ram-ily

02.27.2013by: Cherry Liquor

I used to be fairly close with people from one of our local roller derby leagues, back when it was about good sports-womanship and playing the game fairly and getting taken seriously. Then (and this is strange because I think I referred to one particular roller girl who should take a roller fall down a flight of stairs in a long-ago post about Sofia Vergara... hmmm, weird) I found out that the "game" is just a way that women with too boring lives and too much eagerness to ditch their husbands, boyfriends, children, families, do so that they can hear dudes screaming about how hot they are. Ever look up close at most derby girls? Yeah... the adrenaline in the air is the same that causes women to think men who've had their faces bashed in during a boxing match or a UFC fight look "hot." So it's good to find out that Sofia Vergara isn't really going to try out to be a roller girl in the currently filming "Modern Family" but instead is on her Gloria trip to learn something new. Once, it was learning to ride a bike with Jay. Now it's learning to skate from Phil.

In the end? It's all about family. REAL family. Through blood and marriage and all that jazz. Not the people you ignore so that you can get some bruises and then use them to work schmucks to buy you free beers all night long. Oh, shit. I'm rambling off topic to an epic degree. However will I get insulted this time?

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