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Sofia Vergara is busting out on the set of Modern Family

Mar. 10, 2011by: Cherry Liquor
I had this long rambling thought that my brain started sputtering out and then I got hit in the side of the head with a paper airplane, lost my shit and screamed like King Kong and forgot the majority of whatever inane thing I was thinking. Either folded paper products are my kryptonite or Sofia Vergara's tits really have that affect on me. The Latina goddess was filming more of her hysterical turn as Gloria on "Modern Family" and didn't seem to mind that her undergarments were spillithing over. The only thing that kills me more than the view is that she swears she never exercises. I suppose with that kind of front meat, the most you could do was flail around in the pool and try to fight the pull of flotation.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna

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12:28PM on 03/10/2011
Her globes are ginourmous.
Her globes are ginourmous.
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3:59AM on 03/10/2011
THAT is a woman. Whoever she's with is a lucky S.O.B.
THAT is a woman. Whoever she's with is a lucky S.O.B.
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