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Sofia Vergara looks like a blast to party with down in South Beach

Jan. 2, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
She's a total MILF who just turned 40 last July and is giving fake birth to a baby on her hit sitcom, "Modern Family," but there's so much more to Sofia Vergara than cleavage and comedy. OK, so maybe there isn't much more but does there honestly need to be a lot more than that to a woman? The fact that she's funny makes her smart because think about every dumb chick you've ever known and tell me if she was in the least bit funny. Chances are she was too stupid to get your jokes, so that was a bust (no, not the chest kind). Then, when she got a chance to tell a joke, there's the high likelihood that she was fumbling about for the right words or got off topic or ended up laughing at her own quip because it was on a topic that only she could relate to. Sofia is none of these things, but she's all busty and lusty and fabulous as she casually hosts a New Year's Eve party in Miami's South Beach. Hanging with her boyfriend and her young adult son, it's hard to tell which one of the guys could keep up with her the best.

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