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Sofia Vergara reminds us of the two big reasons we love her

Jun. 4, 2013by: Salacious Crumb

Sometimes I'm confused as to how you schmoes (or the public in general) feel about Columbian hottie Sofia Vergara. I thought she was one of those hotties everyone had a thing for, but looking at the comments in her "Sexy TwitPics" column from last month, it seems that's not the case. I'm aware she kinda looks like a caricature drawing of herself, and it's true thather voice can be louder than the sound ofa 747 taking off, but I still dig her for the most part. With "Modern Family" currently taking a break, Sofia is looking for clever ways to get some eyeballs pointed back in her direction (as if her titty-guns in MACHETE KILLS aren't enough). Therefore, she took the opportunity to whip out her wondrous whoppers at the CFDA Fashion Awards. Over the years, Sofia's had her share of busting out of some stylish dresses (sometimes literally), so I suppose her appearance at the show makes sense. If not, who cares? She could've attendedthe grand opening of Chuck-E-Cheese in Burbank and I probably wouldn't be complaining. Let's hope she gets out of her house (and out of her blouse) a lot more often over the course of summertime.

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Extra Tidbit: I wonder how rarely Sofia experiences eye-contact.
Source: Hollywood Tuna


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4:59PM on 06/04/2013
She'd be so much hotter if she didn't speak.
She'd be so much hotter if she didn't speak.
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