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Sofia Vergara's breasts in a swimsuit blow us (and her) away

1 year agoby: ResidentRiddle64

MODERN FAMILY is over in Sydney, Australia for some reason shooting. If you tuned in earlier, and I know you did, you primarily saw Sofia Vergara shoving things in her mouth. Unfortunately, that's not really going on too much in these pics, however, the writers for the show (bless their hearts) decided it'd be a good move to go to the beach. Excellent, since we all know they're going to think it's hilarious showing how sexy Sofia really is. Call out the bikini! Dear God, this thing is amazing. Even though it is a one piece, it's one of those tremendously sexy ones. You know, the ones that push up your cleavage and show off your torso. The ONLY downside is her skirt which is covering the big mama bomb that is her ass. The show is on basic cable, I suppose. They can only get away with so much sexiness. I understand, I suppose. Enjoy the mindblowingly sexy (but still censored pictures, below) kids!  - See more at:

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: How 'bout that last picture. Any Photoshop pros around here?


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12:41AM on 02/22/2014
Magnificent cleavage.
Magnificent cleavage.
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