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Some high-res Kate Beckinsale in her skin tight Underworld outfit

Jan. 3, 2012by: Droz

I don't know if I'm all that interested in yet another UNDERWORLD movie, but I can say that I am totally sold on Kate Beckinsale's outfit at the very least. Kate has an uncanny ability to wear tight shit. Or maybe it's just that she does it a lot in her movies so she somehow seems better at it. Really, aren't her proclivities with tight shit the whole reason we keep getting UNDERWORLD movies? Although I seriously have to question the point of doing any more of these movies if they're going to have the hot vampire chicks pick up guns to defend themselves. That's just silly. She's got fangs and super strength and super speed. Not to mention immortality and all that other shit that comes with vampirism. What the hell does she need with a gun? She should just be hopping onto guys and ripping their heads off or draining them and leaving them for dead. Just more sad wussification of vampires in cinema today. Where has the badass vampire gone?

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Drool Back
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9:48PM on 01/03/2012
and yet still no shot at that luscious booty of hers. still no complaints here
and yet still no shot at that luscious booty of hers. still no complaints here
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