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Some newish pics of ScarJo as Black Widow in The Avengers

Mar. 30, 2012by: Droz

I'm seeing these pics floating around the web today of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in the upcoming AVENGERS movie. I don't know if these are completely new, but there are a couple here I haven't seen before, that last one with her face highlighted especially so. Scarlett really is an amazing beauty, even more so in this role. Her with that red hair and the skin tight body suit - damn. There's so much happening on her in this role that makes her appeal to just about everyone. If you're not into the redheads, you still got the pretty face. If you're not into comics, you can at least enjoy the hot body. Not into the ladies? Maybe you'll enjoy how she can f*ck people up.

I'm not a comic book guy, but I am looking forward to this ensemble ass kicking crew. I like most of their individual movies and have nothing but faith in my man Joss Whedon. Pretty sure this one is going to knock it out of the park, with Scarlett the sexy icing on the cake.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Source: Popoholic

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8:58AM on 04/02/2012
She looks somewhat dangerous.
She looks somewhat dangerous.
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11:24AM on 04/02/2012


She's got a nice set of crayons around her wrist...
She's got a nice set of crayons around her wrist...
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