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Someone finally figured out why Joanna Krupa is famous

Feb. 12, 2013by: Droz

I got to admit, it's always confused me why people seem to regard Joanna Krupa as a noteworthy celebrity, outside of her obvious talents in having a sexy body. Now Maxim magazine has managed to figure it out in their latest edition and no big surprise that her reason for being famous is doing shit I've never watched or paid attention to, like Dancing with the Stars or those ridiculous Housewives shows. Like a vast array of other celebrities like her, there's a whole spectrum of shit so-called celebrities do that never crosses my radar. Being in my sphere of understanding is not a prerequisite to fame, unfortunately, so when they show up and people treat them all special like, I just have to remain flabbergasted most of the time. Let's be honest though, if Joanna was nothing more than a barista at your local coffee shop, I think a body like that would still open most of the doors she gets through now. Never underestimate the power of a set of tits to break down barriers to success.

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