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Someone tattled to the Philippines about Kate Winslet's hotness

Nov. 1, 2012by: Droz

Is that really Tattler's slogan - The Spirit of High Society? I didn't think high society folks had spirits - only a black, empty recess where a soul used to be, which they attempt to fill with wads of cash and expensive shit. Funny then that they have a Philippines version of a magazine devoted to high society - considering that that island nation has one of the highest poverty rates in the world. I guess if you're living in a shanty in some Philippine hell hole, you probably have the greatest desire of all to see what you're missing by not being rich and famous. Things like being Kate Winslet, for instance, who is a pretty good person to turn to when you want to showcase rich and famous folks in the 21st century. She's got that classy, sophisticated look about her that only the rich can afford. I don't know, I think having someone like Kate around would be good motivation for improving my status in society. Although in the part of the world where the Philippines is, rising up the social ladder typically involves becoming a brutal dictator. It still comes with all the shoes you can buy though. Bonus.

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9:32AM on 11/02/2012
THAT is a woman!
THAT is a woman!
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7:33PM on 11/01/2012
So sexy!
So sexy!
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