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Sophie Turner wears the most pointless dress ever invented

Sep. 5, 2012by: Droz

There's seriously no point to the dress Sophie Turner was wearing to a pool party or whatever the other day, except to obscure that amazing hunk of flesh growing out the back of her legs. It kinda reminds me of that weird synthetic mesh material that gets stapled to the bottom of your bed's box spring - the shit that gets torn up whenever you move somewhere and your dumb ass friend puts his hand through it, forcing you to either rip it off completely or endure constant mewing of pet cats that scurry through the holes and get stuck. Now, I can see her wearing this if she was naked under there. The underwear spoils the effect though. Sans undergarments, you got someone legitimately looking to hand out a taste of the goods. Splash some water here and there to make certain key parts of her person peek out, without revealing too much. That's the proper way to tease.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna

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