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Sophie Turner's ass turns up the heat at Heathrow

3 years agoby: Droz

Goddamn, Sophie Turner. You got the ass of the gods. Look at that thing. It's just incredible. Hourglasses are envious of this woman's body. Sophie is in London for something and managed to step off a plane looking like this. I don't know about you, but when I get off a plane I'm usually wrinkled, haggard, and exhausted. Then again, I fly coach on bargain basement airlines and arrive in mid-level regional airports with few perks - certainly not the sorts of places where you're likely to see something like Sophie show up. Sophie no doubt flew first class, with caviar and champagne, not to mention a heated, generously padded seat for her perfect ass to rest comfortably on. I need to invent some shit or defraud the planet with a billion dollar ponzi scheme. Anything that will give me the proceeds necessary to get into that roomy trunk Sophie carries around. Think I'll add that to my ever growing impossibility bucket list, right under warp drives and time travel.

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Drool Back
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5:14PM on 11/28/2012

You have a beautiful ass, girl, but.......

but you are not attractive. You look so fake. Almost like a barbie doll.
but you are not attractive. You look so fake. Almost like a barbie doll.
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