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Sophie Turner's Twitter is a fun place to kill some time

3 years agoby: Droz

Normally I tend to stay away from Twitter. When not helping to foment the occasional political uprising, it's pretty much a worthless site. What they ultimately specialize in over there is giving celebrities the literal chance to witness crowds of people hang on their every word. However, it does have its pluses, like giving hotties a place to post their candid cell pics and whatnot to the world. For instance, hotties like Sofie Turner, who seems surprisingly relevant in many of the pics she's posted there. She looks like she has a pretty sweet place, an entourage of folks dedicated to her looks and plenty of gigs. Somehow I find that surprising, as I've never seen her in any capacity outside of candids and red carpet events. Someone's paying her for something. I wont speculate too much about that. I know Sophie's got that fake vibe about her, what with the stuffed tits and plastic face. That amazing ass of hers might also be fake, but I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt there, because I love it so much. It's just...beautiful.

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