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Sorry Jordana, but Michelle Rodriguez is still my favorite Fast and Furious hottie

May. 14, 2013by: Salacious Crumb

We got a shitload of responses last week when I asked you schmoes which FAST AND FURIOUS 6 hottie most revs up your engine: "Jordana Brewster or Michelle Rodriquez?". Many of you chose Jordana at first, which ain't a bad choice, but by the end there was an equal amount of love for Rodriguez. Of course, several of you suggested "why not both?". Can't argue with that logic. I'm sure the two will reunite at some point, but M-Rod was the only piece of FAST & FURIOUS eye-candy to attend the premiere in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Apparently, she's got some pretty big fans there, too. Seeing Michelle interact with the crowd (and looking extra sexy doing so) reminds me why I dig her so much. She's the hot chick you wouldn't be afraid to walk up to at a kegger, even though she could probably kick your ass if she wanted to. I'd sure like to fill'er up with some premium.

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9:15AM on 05/15/2013
I'm with ya Cherry, my lust for Michelle knows no bounds.
I'm with ya Cherry, my lust for Michelle knows no bounds.
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7:56PM on 05/14/2013


OMG, that last pic is ART.
OMG, that last pic is ART.
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