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Normally I wouldn't be all ga-ga about baby pictures, but when the baby in question is the daughter of Milla Jovovich, it's hard to deny the cute factor. 6 month old little Ever Gabo (Yeah, yeah, celebrities name their kids weird shit, let's get over that, shall we?) is fortunate enough to have the great genes of Leeloo Dallas Multipass. Her other DNA contributor, Milla's RESIDENT EVIL director, Paul W.S. Anderson isn't all that bad looking, but this most definitely isn't another Joel/Brinkley match-up.

Jovovich blogged about having gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy, allowing herself to enjoy eating and laying off the martial arts practice while her cute little bun rose in the oven. Her appearances at Cannes this year have proven that she's yet another one of those Hollywood women who can shed baby weight with portion control, hard work and someone cooking, cleaning, and doing every other human task for them.

My bet is on Ever over Shiloh in the future for hottie status, regardless of the recently minted 2-year-old Brad Pitt look-a-like's luck in getting mommy's pouty lips. Hell, I don't care. If I'm still writing about gossip in 18 years, someone should just take my ass out to the backyard and shoot me.

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